Ha! Not dead!

Three weeks ago Mathias wondered why I "always" had to kill my (flowering) plants. I told him that the plant wasn't dead at all, and that it just was "in between flowers", and I'm happy to say I was right! Ha!!! (He claims it was just plain luck though!) :)This is how beautiful it looks now:


I'm horrible at names on plants though and I just can't remember what type of plant it is, but I'm sure either of our mothers will respond and let me know! ;) 

And, here is a picture of last nights dinner. We prepared salmon, ate our first fresh potatoes of the season–of several years really–and a homemade cold sauce with chives, dill and red roe.


2 thoughts on “Ha! Not dead!

  1. Mathias Magnusson June 14, 2009 / 23:00

    If I remember the flower left for dead correctly, it was not just between flowers, it was kind of in between leaves as well as kind of in between water as the dirt would have made the Sahara seem like an oasis.
    I’m sure it is in a hurry to have flowers when it got water, it knows from experience that it is unlikely to last.
    Actually, the flower is very nice now and as nice as the picture is, it looks even better in our living room. So maybe it is possible to grow a green thumb by being stubborn enough.
    To be honest, all our flowering flowers looks really nice at the moment, but don’t tell Cecilia I said that as she’ll enjoy hearing that a bit too much.

  2. Cecilia June 15, 2009 / 07:02

    “In between leaves” sounds like there were no leaves at all, and it was plenty of them with just a few at the bottom being dry and I had to remove them. I agree with that the dirt was very dry though.
    Yes, and I am very proud of my green thumb! 😀

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