Half year reflection

Today is exactly 6 months since we came back to Sweden and I've been trying to reflect on the past months.

I miss my friends tremendously, so much so that sometimes when in need of some "girlfriend talk" I just wish I could jump on the first flight overseas. I miss the mountains, those gorgeous peaks stretching high up in the sky. I miss the wonderful smell of ozone during a rain shower–you can kinda scent it here too but not as strong–and I miss the thunderstorms over the plains. I miss Mexican food, what we can find here is just not that good. I miss the opening hours of shopping places, here I just can't go shopping in the middle of the night if I'm in need of groceries… (yeah that didn't happen very often but just the possibility of being able to is nice!) or even go to the shopping mall after 8pm. Some stores do close at 8pm, but most seems to close at 6 or 7pm. I'm still not used to that… and, yeah, I miss my old job.

On the other hand, I won't miss the July heat, and I don't miss the 8 hour time difference you need to consider when calling Sweden, or even worse the 15+ hours traveling in order to see the family, or always having to use moisturizer because of the dry Colorado climate.  

So the best part of being back?  Obviously being close to family and just being able to spontaneously decide to meet up for the day instead of weeks/months of planning. I love looking out over the water, and also hearing sound of it. I love the close ride (10 minutes by subway) into downtown. I love being able to get yummy "Swedish" food, like filmjölk (sour milk), cheese, not to mention, sausages, and of course all the candy and pastry, and I just can't wait to eat the first strawberries of the season or färskpotatis (new potatoes) with butter… I better stop, just thinking about it makes me drool! 😀 I love the nature, I just can't get over how green it is everywhere now, it's so pretty with all the trees, bushes and flowers everywhere. And I'm looking forward to exploring Europe just as much as we used to explore USA.

I don't like all the stressed out people, I just can't get the hang of it… I love city life but "running" in order to get to where you're going is just nothing for me. I'm sure I'm annoying lots of people by walking in my own pace and not stressing around like they do. 🙂 I truly hope I can stick to that even after I start working. If anyone notices me stressing around please stop me asap!

I think that was all. I'll probably have more reflections in 6 months when we hit the 1 year mark.

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