Apple news

Today, Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2009 started in San Francisco, California. It's a huge yearly Apple conference, and it's highly anticipated among all Apple fans as they announce their latest technologies as their first presentation–called keynote in "Apple language". 

Last year they introduced the new MacBook Air and iPhone 3G, and this year everyone was talking about the OS update for the iPhone, the new OS for Macs and lots of rumors about other potential stuff.

At 7pm–that is 10am local time in CA–I was on the MacRumor web site in order to find out the big news of the day. Ever since the talk about the new OS for iPhone I've been waiting to hear about the new features and most importantly when it will be available for download. After a 30 minute talk about the new iPhone OS 3.0 they finally announced it will be released on June 17! So 9 more days to go!

Other news where the new OS for their computers, called OS X Snow Leopard. There were so pretty cool new features in there–one of which the new Safari browser which is actually available for download as of today–but the price was a huge WOW! The current version of OS X, called Leopard, had a price of $129 when it was released. Snow Leopard will be set to $29, and the family pack–allows you to put the OS, or software program for that matter as they sell family packs for that too, on up to 5 computers in the same household–can be purchased for $49. That is some awesome prices!! The new OS will be available in September.

As the Safari browser is available as of today I decided to try to download it, but thought that maybe everyone else will do the same so the download time could potentially be huge… took 5-6 minutes so not too bad. The new software is really cool and I'm looking forward to get to know it better over the next days. 

Other news from Apple was some new features for their MacBook Pro's (including new and lower prices) and also the new iPhone 3GS. More details about that and more can be found on and the Apple homepage.

Now I'm just counting down the days until the new iPhone OS, and months for the new OS X Snow Leopard. :) 

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