Motivation, where are you?

I'm in need of motivation…  I'm eating according to the diet plan but my medicine keep working against me as one of the side effects is gaining weight. Not the best thing obviously… 😦 since starting my medicine 2 weeks ago I've lost 0.2kg(0.44lbs), and before I lost ~1kg(2.2lbs) a week. As long as I don't gain weight I guess I should be happy even if it will take a longer time to get to my goal. So somehow I need to spark my motivation to keep up with it but I haven't figured out with what yet… 

Maybe I should do something for myself… like a little spa adventure, or buy some new clothes (even if they will be too big eventually!) or…  I'm not only lacking motivation I'm lacking ideas too! 🙂

On a happier note… tonight we're having our "weekly date night" again. We used to have it more regularly before but for many weeks now we've been too busy I guess. This week I'm planning everything and next week it's Mathias turn. 🙂 Obviously I can't say ahead of time what I'm planning but I'll post pictures of the dinner during the weekend, so stay tuned…

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