My latest purchase

For quite some time now I thought about purchasing a shopping trolley to make it easier when grocery shopping. If I have Mathias with me I automatically have to more hands to carry bags, and also more heavy stuff I can't get when I go by myself, so I thought a shopping trolley would be perfect for me.

I haven't been able to find one which don't like to "old womanish" 🙂 so I started searching online and found cool shopping trolleys in the UK. Obviously some downsides with purchasing from another country. Today, however, when I was browsing around Åhlens I found a perfect one so I decided to get it. Best part is that it saved me half the amount I would have to pay if ordering from UK. So now I got my little shopping companion ready for the next grocery trip!


Before I got the trolley I met up with Mathias and we had dinner at Mocco, a restaurant nearby Mathias job. They always have so yummy food there, and it has become one of my favorites now. Today I tried a salad for the first time and it looked this nice when I got it to the table:


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