In need of darkness…

…in the bedroom that is! Lately with the night being lighter and lighter I've had a hard time sleeping in the morning hours. I've always woken up around 4 and again at 5am, and it's no fun at all. Yes, some might say "just go up then", but NO I need my hours of sleep otherwise I'll be too tired the "next" day and also a bit cranky, so going up at that hour is not an option. So last night, at 9:45pm when it was just way to light to sleep, I told Mathias we could try to hang up a quilt over the window. He secured the quilt by opening the window and hanging a part of it there before closing it again. Worked pretty well… it did get darker in the room! The quilt still lets through a little bit of light but it's a lot better than what it used to be. Only downside to this method is that we'll leave it there 24/7 as it would be a pain to have to do this every night so now I need to find another place for my orchid because that one won't like the dark room. 🙂 And for those who are curious I did sleep better this night, no more early morning wake ups.

Don't get me wrong with all this "not enough dark rambling", I like the summer months and it being light all the time, but when sleeping I'm in need of a darker room.

Our next project for the apartment is to finish the bedroom. Needs some paint on the walls, closets and new curtains–and roller blinds! We've picked out the paint already, now we just need to buy the paint and take time to actually do the painting job. We'll see when we're finished with that. My goal is June, but it seems like that might be a little unrealistic as we're pretty busy the coming weekends. 

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