Sunday excursion

Yesterday we went to a spring market at a local history association where my paternal grandparents used to be active. Not sure when I was there the last time but it was before I moved to US in late summer of 1999.  

Seemed to me that they offered much more "crap" nowadays at the spring market than what I could remember, and even when I was there last time at a spring (or fall) market I thought it was a lot of crap. 🙂 I suppose someone's crap is someone else's treasure

It felt a bit weird being there and not seeing my grandparents because they always used to be there whenever I went there. I did find a old letter about the gazebo written by my grandfather with his signature. That was pretty neat…

Here are two pictures of the old house:


Sadly the old restaurant/club (or whatever I should call it) next to the old house had been teared down. It was a lot of "sign up sheets in protests" on the fence. I wonder if they are going to tear down the rest–a stage and a open-air dance floor–as well, and what the plan is for the place all-together. Didn't see any signs if at all for what the plan for the place was. As I've been to this place several times over my life due to the fact that 1) my grandmother worked in this place and 2) the local history association being next door, it was a bit sad to see what it looked like now.


After that little excursion we went to Mathias dad and spent the afternoon/evening there. Mathias helped out a bit with his TV and computer and the rest of the time we sat talking. 

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