Ascension Day

Yesterday we "celebrated" Ascension day–it's a public holiday in Sweden–by visiting my parents. Mathias and my dad spent the afternoon getting the potato field ready. First they fixed a stone wall so the field would be flat, then they spread out the dirt, and lastly planted the potato. While they were doing that my mother and I went to the memorial and lighted candles for the grandparents and also put some freshly picked cowslip from the yard.


For dinner Mathias grilled a whole chicken and garlic potato croquettes, I had prepared a creme fraiche sauce with greek spices, and my mother handled the salad. For desert we ate newly bought ice cream from Hemglass–a company which drives around neighborhoods selling ice cream. Haven't bought or eaten ice cream from them for years! Unfortunately I don't think we picked the best tasting ice cream so have to try with another option some other time. 🙂

Today–which is not a public holiday but many companies are closed or people take the day off if possible–we decided to go to Waldermarsudde where they currently (until the last day of May, so just one more week) show Carl Larsson paintings. They also had exhibition called "Two Princes behind the cameras" with photography by HRH Prince Carl Philip and the former owner of Waldermarsudde Prince Eugen. As with the other 2 times I've been there over the last months I had a new pot with me coming back home! 🙂  

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