Lecture, pastry and TV

Today (actually yesterday as it's after midnight!), I went to a lecture about "Menstrual status and long-term cardiovascular effects of intense exercise in top elite athlete women" which was a dissertation by Magnus Hagmar, PhD and MD, in 2008. His lecture was presented by the PCOS organization here in Stockholm. I found the organization a while back when I was searching for good PCOS doctors in Stockholm, and when I noticed they'd offer this presentation I thought it could be fun to listen and also possible meet some new people. The presentation was good and offered lots of information. The first part, which was generic information about PCOS wasn't new to me as I've read most of it ever since I got my diagnosis but it was fun to listen to anyway. The second part was about his thesis and it was very interesting to listen to but I won't get into all that here because then my post will continue on forever! On the left, under links you can find the organization's web site. Note that it's in Swedish only! (And for those of you that receive the posts through email or a blog reader you have to visit the actual blog in order to see this!) 

After the lecture I met up with Mathias and his mother, Elisabeth, and we went to a café. I didn't eat much for lunch so instead of pastry I decided to take a small sandwhich–which I shared with Elisabeth as she wanted a sandwhich as well. Another reason for not getting a pastry was of course it could easily ruin my calorie count for the day. Mathias, however, took a pastry, a "chokladbiskvi"–my absolute favorite Swedish pastry consisting of a almond paste bottom, filled with chocolate cream and topped with dark chocolate–and I took two small bites from it. I haven't eaten pastry, or candy for that matter, ever since I started my diet 4 weeks ago, and even if I've had a huge cravings for sugar occasionally, the "chokladbiskvi" just didn't taste as yummy as it used to be. Kinda a pity as it is my favorite pastry but pretty good as that means my cravings for sugar is probably starting to disappear.

For dinner tonight I made a yummy sandwhich dish consisting of rolled turkey slices filled with chive cheese, avocado, shrimp, cheese and some veggies. Very yummy…


The evening was spent in front of the TV watching the final of Eurovision Song Contest. And the winner…  "…I'm in love with a fairytale…" NORWAY! One of my favorites tonight. Congratulations Norway! Perfect timing to win the night before 17 mai! 🙂

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