Yesterday Mathias left for his 3 day conference cruise to Finland so after I had been to the doctor in the morning I took the train to meet my mother and we spent the day together. First we went to the pick up some color swatches so we can decide what color to paint our bedroom, after that we went to the memorial and put down some flowers–which my mother had picked in their yard–to my grandfathers and grandmother. 


Next was the fabric store in order to look at fabrics for our living room curtains. I found several really cool fabrics but particularly two I like so next I will bring Mathias there to see what he likes. When the fabric is picked I just need to borrow a sewing machine and finish the curtains. Yeah I need the curtain rod too, gotta find one of those pretty quick.

After the fabric store we went to the grocery store and then to my parents place for lunch and then we spent the rest of the day there before my father and brother came home and it was time for dinner. 

As the cruise ships pass through so they can be seen from my parents house I decided to go down to the waterside around the time "Mathias boat" would pass by, but after waiting for a little while and no cruise ship my mother thought maybe we had the wrong time. Luckily I can connect to the Internet on my phone so I went to the company's website and sure enough it had passed by an hour earlier. Turns the departure isn't at 6pm anymore, but 5pm. So that turned out to be a huge OOPS… so no picture on the blog with the boat he's traveling with. 😦

 My brother–in his new car obviously :)–drove me home around 9pm. I started watching a little TV and went to bed around midnight. 

Today we'll see what adventure comes my way… 

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