Photo sessions

The last three days have included 2 photo sessions… nice! And, it will be many more during the summer months. Now, when I'm not working I've decided to start practicing my photo skills more, and hopefully I'll manage to start courses this fall. I had planned to do it during the Spring already but decided to wait until later this year because we had so many other things going on.

After many months of looking I finally found a photo bag online which looked like something I might want, so Thursday I went to the store and bought it. On Friday, with my new photo bag at home, I decided to try it out by going on a little excursion to Drottningholm–the Royal residence. The bus ride took around 35 minutes and then I spent 2 hours in the gardens. I took some nice photos but I haven't transfered them to the computer yet, but as soon as I do I'll post some on the blog, so stay tuned…

Today we went to my parents place. My brother got his new car, a Volkswagen Golf R32, Thursday so he came and picked us up. He wanted help with taking picture of his new car so on our way to my parents–actually my brothers place too as he lives in the house next door–we stopped at some places and Mathias took the pictures. Most of them turned out great and Mathias managed to get some "new" and interesting angles of the car. My brother is going to post them on his website,, as soon as they are ready. I also got the chance to test drive the new car, and it was very nice. I'm starting to miss not having a car and being able to drive, so it was nice to drive his. I'm keeping my fingers crossed he'll let me do it soon again. 🙂 The good thing with his car is that it's an automatic. I haven't used a stick for 7 years so I'm quite cautions about it. I know I need to start driving with a stick as when I finally get around to take my Swedish drivers license–need to do it this summer as my US license is only valid in Sweden for one year–I want to do my drivers test with a manual transmission as I otherwise only can drive with automatic per Swedish law. (I have not verified that is still the law, but I assume it is…)

But back to taking photos… at my parents place I had my 2nd photo session by the waterside. Those pictures are still in the camera too, but I'll try to upload them as well within the next days. Below is a picture of the wild flowers I picked in my parents yard and which are now standing on my kitchen table… (sorry for the quality as this is taken with my iPhone)


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