People are annoying…

…or at least some people are! 🙂 Especially all those who think it's more important that they get ON the subway before everyone has gone OFF. Why is that?! I've thought about this several times now while riding the subway quite a lot during the past months. I particularly remember one time when two ladies wanting to get on the subway just wouldn't move in order for me to get off so I just stood there looking at them until they got the point. To me, this is just plain rudeness… So, PLEASE, stand to the sides and let the people get off first and then you can go in. 

A completely other thing which made me curious was when I saw some boys collecting money for a charity and they walked along the train trying to get money from the passengers. I remember when I was active in the Swedish Red Cross for Youth and on many occasions helped out with collecting money we were always told when we picked up the "collection baskets"–or whatever they can be called in English–that we were in no circumstance allowed to walk on the subway and try to get money. If a passenger on the other hand approached us wanting to leave money we could collect it. I wonder if that rule still exists? There have always been people trying to collect money from strangers in order to get food, a phone call and I don't know what, but I'm not talking about those people here, it's only in regards to a non-profit organizations such as Amnesty or Red Cross having a mission that they try to raise money for. 

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