Walpurgis weekend

We've had a wonderful Walpurgis weekend! Most of it has been spent with family. It started the day before Walpurgis Night when we went to Mathias' sisters house for dinner. Our sister-in-law and niece are visiting from Dallas for 2 weeks. Mathias parents also joined in for the dinner party.

Walpurgis night we spent at my parents house. Originally we had planned to do something on our own around town, but due to Mathias allergies we thought it was more fun to visit my parents over dinner than just being home by ourselves). As we didn't want to be outside we skipped going to the bonfire, but we did see two bonfires on the opposite water side. 

On May 1st we just took it easy… did some grocery shopping and went in to the Old Town for a little stroll. As the weather was gorgeous it was quite a lot of people there. 

Saturday we went, with my parents, to my godmother and her husband. It was our first meeting since we moved back to Sweden. We talked about meeting earlier but we never got around to do it.

Sunday my brother called and wondered if we want to come out and help out with some yard work. My parents have found a spot in the yard where we'll grow potato and all the new dirt needs to be moved to this spot. Due to the allergies Mathias couldn't help out but we decided to go anyway and prepare the dinner for them. We went to the grocery store in order to buy the food before we headed out to my parents place. We grilled steak, potatoes and vegetables. 

We've had four wonderful days, with yummy food and great company! And, gorgeous weather too! :) 

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