Time to grow up?!

My father used to jokingly tell me that I wasn't grown-up until I drank coffee… Living in Sweden and not drinking coffee is weird as almost everyone does it, and when in a group I sometimes feel silly being the only one not wanting it. For a while now I've thought about testing it and tonight I finally did it…

I just got one word for it! DISGUSTING! 🙂 When I said "yuk" after the first sip and followed with "this sure is bitter", Mathias just smiled at me. I continued with 2 more sips and it didn't really taste any better–not that I expected it would as I've read somewhere that adults need to try a new taste 21 times before enjoying it. I had some more conversation with Mathias about the coffee–don't remember about what–and he finally looked at me and just said "you're drinking it wrong… don't sip it just drink it". My response was: "And how do you suggest I do that!?!" He tried to sip it himself and his comment was "yeah that sure is bitter". So, I suppose I need to learn how to drink coffee and not sip coffee.

Will I be able to grow up? Not sure… I'm going to try those 19 more sips, sorry drinks :), and then we'll see what happens.

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