Housewife day

Today has been a "housewife day"… cleaning, grocery shopping, some "generic" shopping (these are more fun than shopping just groceries as this category also include window shopping :)) and lastly preparing dinner–tried a new dish today, a potato and sausage salad. Laundry I took care off yesterday. 

Mathias is working tonight again–he worked Tuesday night in case I haven't mentioned it earlier. He came home earlier in the afternoon, slept for a bit and then we had dinner before it was time for him to head back to work again. He'll be working Sunday morning too… so we'll have a quiet weekend. Only thing we got planned is a dinner for our parents tomorrow evening. 

Today has just been a fabulous day! Sunny and warm… (I would imagine it has been the warmest so far this Spring) gotta love it! 

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