I like having lots of plants around me. Unfortunately for me I don't have green fingers… "green plants" are much easier for me to keep alive than "flowering plants", but I've decided to give it a try. I'm hoping it's easier to keep them alive in Sweden as it's more humid here and not as dry as it is in Colorado.

I decided it was time to check out a nearby nursery so I went there today. The bus took around 5 minutes to get there, and then I arrived around 100-200 meters from the store's entrance. I'm sure I've been to this store before with my parents but it must have been a long time ago. Only thing I remember is the location of it. BTW, the store is nearby a botanical garden called "Bergianska Trädgården" and I remember going there with my maternal grandparents. I decided not to visit it today though as it could be fun to do that as a weekend excursion with the hubby.

The store was huge! Lots of things to look at! I walked around for a bit before deciding what to get. Lucky for me I had taken the bus and not a car because that meant I couldn't buy too large stuff. I found plenty of bigger plants I would like to buy and put on flower stands! I got one flower stand already but I don't have a pot big enough for it and I never remember the dimensions of it so I can try do find one when I'm at a store selling pots. Maybe a good idea to put that information on my mobile phone!? Another reason for not being able to buy too many plants right now is that I don't have enough of windowsills, just in the living room and the home office, and I can't have too many flowers on either of those as that would make them look overstuffed, so until we've finished with the remodeling of the apartment I just have to be satisfied with the plants I can fit. At least a few is better than none!

Today I bought 3 different plants (including one more orchid which had a very cool color) and 2 pots. I've decided to keep my herbs in pots so I bought one to see if it would look good, which it does, so now I have to go there and buy more pots some other day. 

In the evening I went in to town to meet Mathias and have dinner at our favorite Thai place. I decided to try a new dish today, a chicken wok, very yummy and I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow! 

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