I went to the doctor yesterday in order to do some tests here in Sweden for my PCOS. When I went to the OB-GYN a month ago she wanted me to see a specialist so they could take some new tests here in Sweden (as they have to prescribe new medicine and it's not the same as in US). So, yesterday I went to this specialist–exactly the same tests I did last summer and now I need to wait on results from blood work again. This time I didn't have to leave blood after 12 hours on an empty stomach though) and she prescribed some medication for me to try out. Turns out that the prescription is sent digitally to the pharmacy and all I have to do is go to any pharmacy in Sweden, show them my drivers license or ID card and they will fill the prescription for me. (I wonder if that is the same for all doctors in Sweden!?) That is just so convenient!! No paperwork and printed out prescriptions to give to the pharmacy… I get that it would be harder to have that in the US as you have several different pharmacies there and people can choose which one to go to, still, I like this digital method a lot!

Another thing I'm happy to notice is that a lot of the medication on the shelves has the Braille system on the packing. I have not seen that before so that was a nice surprise. Not that I need that myself but I'm thinking that it must be so much better for blind people as they can now find their medicine on their own.

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