I love Spring (I wonder if there is any season I don't love!?). It's so beautiful with all flowers popping up during this time. Not sure if I have more fun looking at all the new flowers this year as it's so different from how it was in Denver. Most flowers there are from bulbs or seeds and thus planted. In the mountains you can find more of the wild flowers though which is why we on rare occasions went up there to look at them.

Here is see more and more flowers everywhere I turn around. I'm not particularly good at flowers but I got a book from my mom with information about flowers–with name and pictures–so I guess I need to study it. The most famous Spring flowers I know of course; crocus, snowdrop, coltsfoot (tussilago), hepatica (blåsippa), wood anemone (vitsippa), cowslip (gullviva). All, except the last one, I've seen so far this Spring.  Then we've a lot of a beautiful blue flower everywhere around here where we live, and my mom told me what it was (because I had on mistake counted it as a hepatica) but I've forgotten the name of it. 

I think people enjoy Spring more here in Sweden than in Colorado. Both places got four seasons, but Sweden has a longer (and darker) Winter so when it gets warmer outside everyone seems to "light up" in anticipation of warmer and lighter days. In Colorado we always had warmer days throughout Winter so when Spring arrived I didn't think much about it more than enjoying nature coming back to life again. 

Only downside with the Spring is allergy season starts, but seeing all the flowers popping up is worth it! 🙂

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