Easter weekend

I've been too lazy the past days to post, but here is a "big post" about all Easter adventures.

Good Friday
We decided to take a walk to a nearby nursery so I could get orchids for my new pots. Turned out they didn't have much orchids there though, and the ones they had was quite expensive so I didn't get any at that place. We had a fabulous walk in the sunshine though! On our way back home we stopped by a "gatukök" (fast-food stand) for some lunch. At the local flower shop I found orchids so I bought one. The flower shop owner is great, he has an excellent selection and always give nice advice on how to take care of the flowers you buy. Of all the places I've bought tulips lately his tulips were definitily the best one so far! I still need one more plant for the other pot, but I haven't decided if I should go with a orchid or something else. 

In the evening we prepared meatballs for the Easter Eve party. It was the first time we did our own meatballs in Sweden so we weren't that happy with the result but we'll practice more so they get just as yummy as when we did them in Denver.

Easter Eve
We arrived to my parents house around 10:30 am because we had promised to help out with the prepartions for the dinner party. I helped out with decorating the Easter cake and did two different egg dishes, and Mathias did his famous "Jansson's frestelse" (a dish with potato, anchovies, and onion). I don't think I've meet anyone who doesn't like this dish when he makes it. We've had friends in Colorado which claims that they don't like anything with anchovies but when they've tried this dish they can't stop eating. 

One of the egg dishes I mad was from a new recipe, Chinese Tea eggs, which I found in a newspaper. First you boil the eggs for 10 minutes, then you make cracks in the shell, and boil for another 30 minutes with some ingredients such as tea, cinnamon, soy. The result then turn out as following:


Shortly after noon my aunt, uncle, cousin and (paternal) grand mother arrived, and then it was time for the traditional Easter dinner. We had salmon, pickled herring, ham, cottage cheese and leek pie, egg dishes, Jansson's Temptation, sausage, meatballs, and bread. For dessert it was the typical chocolate cake decorated with melted chocolate and candy and marzipan. Everything was very yummy! Here is a picture of the cake:


After the celebration everyone followed us home to our apartment so they could take a look at how we live. It was especially fun for my grandmother and she had been there many timeswhen my maternal grandparents lived here.

As we had forgotten to ask my dad to bring a saw–we need to take away some of the wood at the back of our book shelf so our receiver will fit–we went back home with them, spent some more hours there and then took the bus back home to us again. 

Easter Sunday
I woke up not feeling very well and though I would get a severe cold, but during the morning I felt better and better so I was able to go to Mathias mother, Elisabeth's, late afternoon dinner party. Mathias father, sister (with family) and uncle was also there. Elisabeth had tried some new recipes and they all were very delicious. For appetizer a anchovy pie with some decorative vegetables, and main course a salmon pie with steamed vegetables and for dessert a fruit dish with whipped cream.

We were back home around 7pm. We decided to watch the movie Eragon. We saw the movie several weeks ago but we missed the first 15 minutes of it so when I saw that it re-run I recorded it so we could see the full movie.

Easter Monday
Today we were lazy in the morning and went up around 9am. Mathias went up around 1 hour before me, but I wanted to sleep some more. After breakfast we worked on the cmputer for a bit, and then went in to the Old town for a little walk. Mathias brought his camera in order to take some nice pictures. We enjoyed lunch at a restaurant in the Great Square before we slowely walked back towards the subway station. We stopped at some shops along the way, and at one of them I bought this years first soft ice cream. Yummy! I'm looking forward to many more during the next months.

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