My mom and I meet to go for a walk around Djurgården today. We took the bus to Skansen where we started walking towards Rosendals trädgård (garden) where we had lunch and then walked to Waldemarsudde to buy two new Prince Eugen flower pots for our living room window. My parents gave two of his pots to us for Christmas–way back I mentioned to her I just wanted white pots in that window–and as those pots are so beautiful I decided I just wanted that type of white pot and no other style. (I'm actually thinking the same about the kitchen window now! Those won't be bought until later this year when we'll remodel the kitchen). Tomorrow I'll walk to a garden shop pretty close to where we live to buy orchids for the new pots. If you don't know what the pot look like you can take a look here: http://www.waldemarsudde.se/xpot.html

Yesterday evening we got help from my parents to buy and transport a new desk (my desk, as Mathias was bought some weeks ago). It's not nicely put together and standing in the home office. Right now I'm re-installing the OS on my "new" computer. It's actually Mathias old computer which I'm going to use instead of my MacBook (that one has reached retirement). It's been painfully slow lately and the wireless connection just keeps hanging which is quite annoying when I've been doing something (like working) and really needed it. Maybe it would have worked to just re-install the OS on my MacBook but I decided that the Mac Mini is probably enough for me. Since I got a iPhone it's not as important to have a computer I can use while sitting in the sofa as I can just as easily write emails, blog posts etc on my phone.

On a side note: In the honor of spring I've changed the design of my blog to something more colorful and "charming". For those of you who subscribe to my blog I suggest taking a look on my blog every now and then as I got more fun things there as a blogroll, links etc. 

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