Yard work

This morning we left home @ 9am in order to go to my parents house and help out with some yard work. It was raining on our way there so we wasn’t sure how much we would be able to work outside but after breakfast the rain decided to stop and we were able to go out. Mathias helped my dad and brother to cut down some trees, and after all that was done we went inside for coffee and lunch. In the afternoon we went to a store to buy flowers (for the memorial) and then we bought our long awaited microwave! We’ll get it delivered tomorrow when my dad will help out purchesing new furniture from Ikea (it’s time for me to get my desk).

Before returning home we went by the memorial at Österåkers church. Today is my paternal grandfather’s birthday and a bought a yellow rose and also lit three candles. One for him and the others for my maternal grandparents. I miss them!

After spending a whole day at with my parents and brother we came back home around 7:30pm and we started clearing our office so we can get the furniture in the room tomorrow evening. Now the living room is messy again! 😦 It will be all good again after we can put everything back tough.

Yard work

Yard work

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