Welcome Spring!

Spring has arrived and it’s gorgous outside! Sunny and warm. We’ve had around 12C/53F for some days now. I’ve just wanted to be outside enjoying the weather for several days now but unfortunatly I’ve had to work. As yesterday was my last day though it seems like I will be able to enjoy the weather as of now. Supposedly it will continue over Easter but I’m voting for longer time then that! I don’t think my vote will count though! 🙂

Today our niece Sandra celebrated her 18th birthday! When we walked to the house from the train station I saw the first spring flower of the year… coltsfoot (tussilago in Swedish). I just had to take a picture but it didn’t turn out that great so I won’t post it. But back to the birthday girl… Mathias sister had prepared yummy sandwhich cake and we sat on the patio almost all afternoon long. I’ve posted a picture of Sandra and Mathias which turned out very nice! She’s opening her presents here.
Welcome Spring!

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