Counting down…

Monday I was told by my boss that due to the economy and needing to cut the budget they had decided to just continue having me for 2 more weeks, so my last day with them will be April 3rd. So, 7 more days to go… He sent an email to me Thursday last week that he wanted us to talk on the phone so I figured something like that was coming. Originally I was just supposed to work until January 31st so I've been working longer than planned anyway. I knew an end date had to come sooner or later, but I'd hoped I would have been able to finish up my project I've been working on. I'm scrambling to get as much as possible done before next Friday.

I haven't found a job in Sweden yet but I hope it won't take too long. Although, I'm going to enjoy having some "vacation" for a bit. 🙂 We're also starting up our own company so that have the potential of keeping me busy for a bit. I'm still going to look for a full time employment though, as our company will be a "on the side thing". 

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