Gone, gone… and tulips

Mathias cut himself on a knife over the weekend, and this morning when he got out of the shower the cut started bleeding again. He noticed it when he was in the bedroom and it was blood on several places on our fairly new bed linens. I know cold water is the trick to remove blood stains from textile, but I wasn't sure if the blood should be dry first or if I should do it as soon as possible so I told Mathias to find out on Internet. He found a place where it said to have cold water and the put some salt on, "rub", and put in the washer–I couldn't do this last part as I don't have the laundry room reserved today but I decided to do the rest. It didn't specify if the blood should be dry first so I decided to just go ahead and do it. Turns out that this "rubbing of salt" works amazingly well. After 2 minutes our bed linens looked like new again… wet still obviously but the blood was completely gone! I will remember that salt thing for the future!

Yesterday we went on some adventures with my parents. First we went to Ikea so we could turn back our mattress we bought in late December and get a new one. When Mathias and I went to Ikea Saturday–yes we've been there both days of the weekend–to try new beds the girl we got help from told us that the bed we had purchase the first time was a "children's" bed for anyone weighing up to 45kg (~99lbs). No wonder we haven't liked our bed! What I can't understand is how the person who helped us the first time didn't know that part… We found a new one, but as the mattress is quite big we couldn't do it ourselves so Sunday with the help of my parents (and their car), we rented a trailer so we could return our old mattress and get the new one. I think I slept better tonight… We got a new set of 3 months to try this bed.  ;) 

After the Ikea trip we went to the tulip show at "Tulpanens Hus" (The Tulip House) in Bromma. I've uploaded pictures to my Facebook account and you can view them here.

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