Mathias was at a work event Friday to Saturday and I decided to surprise him by buying his desk. As I don't have a car or muscle power to put it together I asked my parents for help. So yesterday morning they picked me up and we went to IKEA together and then back home to put it together. My dad did most of the work and I helped out by reading the instructions and what we had to accomplish. It was A LOT of pieces to put together and I think it took almost 4 hours. When Mathias got home he was very surprised to find a desk in the living room. It's actually going into the second bedroom eventually but until that room is ready for furniture we'll have it in the living room. 

In the evening we watched "Melodifestivalen"–a music contest where countries in Europe send one song which then compete and the country with the winning song will hold the contest the next year. Melodifestivalen is Swedens national contest to find the winning song. Anyway, back to what I was supposed to say… One of the songs which have made into to the national final next week is so bad I can't find words for it (or maybe I can?) Mathias is just sitting laughing at it and shaking his head. The lyrics doesn't make sense and the supposed rhymes it just so bad that you wonder if the song writer was high or twelve years old when it was written. I can't believe people actually like the song and vote for it. I suppose it's true that the song is unique and you remember it even if you hate the song but that is no reason to vote for it. People have different music style but i'll tell you if this one wins and make it to the big European final I'll be embarrassed. Maybe time to consider moving to a country with better style for music! 😉 I can survive almost everything but this one gives me pain in my whole body. And for anyone who can't figure out which song I'm talking about I'm not going to be *nice* enough to tell you. Yes, that is supposed to be a pun and hit.

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