I've just come to realize that it gets dustier much quicker in Sweden than in Colorado! I wonder why!? Here I need to vacuum and dust once a week, in CO it was "just" every other week. I'm not really sure we needed even that, but we had our cleaning lady so it's not like I/we did the work! I miss her! Although, I have to say as our apartment is quite small–our old house in Aurora would have been a whole other story–it doesn't take that long to clean it. Maybe we should skip buying more furniture as that will obviously mean more dusting for me!? 😀 Right now I'm done in 30-40 minutes so not much to complain about!

I wonder, maybe it did get as dusty in CO too, but I just didn't notice it because it was carpet everywhere. Carpet does tend to hide some of the dust a bit better than laminate/wood etc floors. Or maybe, because CO is on a higher elevation it took longer time for the dust to "grow"? Maybe some PhD has done a scientific research on this? I hope not, sounds like a boring research… although, on second thought, it would incorporate lots of traveling in order to finalize the research… I know, that is my next project! 😀 NOT!!!

Oh well, enough with my dust rambling…  

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