10 years

Today is exactly 10 years since Mathias and I met, that is in cyberspace as we didn't meet in person until some months later. It's amazing it's been 10 years already… time flies! In 1999, during the coming month, Mathias and I managed to write emails equal to 360 pages in Word. That is amazing! I still can't believe we were able to fill up that many pages during only a month. Happy 10th "cyberspace meeting" anniversary to us! 😀

Today we visited Mathias mom, Elisabeth, because we needed some help getting pictures scanned. We took the bus and train to Upplands Väsby which didn't take us more than 35 minutes. Then, we went to the bakery and bought 3 "semlor" before we started walking to her apartment. As the weather was beautiful today it was quite a pleasant walk. After spending some hours with her we walked back to the train station where we decided to eat pizza at a restaurant before taking the train back. The pizza was OK, but I've eaten better… I was very disappointed that they didn't have the regular pizza salad though. Bummer! It's always one of the best parts with eating pizza. I need to learn to make it myself. I know it's not difficult to do it I'm just lazy I guess.

Back home I've managed to occupy myself with Facebook. It's amazing how easy it is to get "addicted" and just spend ours looking at pictures and just, I don't know, be on the site doing nothing. Although today I did some good cause there as I've started to use a application which helps save the rainforest, it's called (Lil) Green Patch. I won't bore you with details on how to use it. If you got Facebook check it out… anything that can help keep the rainforest is excellent.

Another fun thing with Facebook is that I've gotten in contact with old classmates from middle and high school. It's quite cool actually… you find one old friend and suddenly you got contact with 10 more. :) 

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