Commercial free

The last two evenings we've watched TV. Doesn't sound like a remarkable experience maybe, but it's absolutely fantastic being in Sweden and actually watch SVT–the public service TV–because they don't have any commercials. Yes, I know that PBS exists in the US and that it's commercial free, however, for 10-15 minutes every hour or so they have a little break in their programming showing ways to buy things and how to support the TV channel, so I don't really consider that "commercial" free. You might argue that SVT isn't really free as you do pay a TV license–you can ignore to pay that but if "they", a government agency, come to your neighborhood and notice you got a TV without a license you need to pay–but at least there isn't a break every 10 minutes of the program.

Since I moved away from Sweden 9 years ago it's not only 2 channels part of SVT anymore, but there is a HD channel, a news channel, a children's channel, and… not sure if there are any more than those but those are the ones I've noticed so far. 

Then, of course, you got lots of channels, with commercials, you can choose to look at. SVT isn't the only choice.


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