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My main reason for creating my own blog was so our family and friends in Sweden could follow our life while living in the US. Since we moved back home I've realized that I don't have as much to write about because all our family knows what we're up to most of the time and it's not like we're time zones apart anymore. So, what to do?  I'll still write about every day life, but I've decided to start writing a little about our adventure of "moving back home". It was a big, huge decision to take and from the time that we made our final decision I've never thought twice about it. I still don't… I love being back in Sweden, and being close to family, friends, the water and walking around Stockholm looking at all old buildings. Just being in the subway feels exotic, not to mention not having a car! Yeah, I know that will probably change… :) 

I think most people who've lived outside their own country/culture for an extended period of time will agree with me here… I don't really feel that I belong in either Sweden or the US. I'm stuck somewhere in between. I got one foot in the US and one in Sweden and both of those feet are very comfortable where they are located. It's weird to describe to someone who haven't experienced it…  I'm a Swedish American AND an American Swede. I'm probably hovering somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic I guess! :D 

I still feel like I'm in the "honeymoon" period of our move back home. I think even more so because I still work for my company in Colorado and correspond with everyone I used to see daily. It'll probably hit me more when I get a job here and actually interact more with Swedes everyday. 

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