Valentines weekend

We've had a great Valentines weekend. The major event has been a cruise to Åland with Birka Paradise. We had a wonderful trip although some parts disappointed us a little bit… 1) the "grand buffet" wasn't particularly grand at all… we thought it would offer many more selections then what it had and also taste better (maybe we had too high expectations). Best thing was probably the smoked salmon and meringue dessert. 2) Birka seems to have turned out into a party boat since either of us last took a trip. Much more "not so sober" people walking around, and lots of people having their own little parties in their own cabins. Once such example was the people in the cabin next to ours which kept me awake occasionally during the night. I don't think they ever slept the whole night, but just sat talking, making noise and playing music. I think someone else got tired of them too because at 3:30am when they had started playing music and I seriously considered calling the reception desk I guess someone else beat me to it because suddenly they stopped being loud. We have decided that next time we go, on any boat just not Birka, we'll pay more in order to get a better cabin and actually stay away from people trying to have a "cheap trip" by partying on their own. I doubt that cabins higher up in the boat have the same issues… ANYWAY… we did have a nice time and it was great coming back through the Stockholm archipelago today and actually see all the islands everywhere. We actually saw quite a lot of ice too around the boat. I'm looking forward to take a trip again (with one of the other cruise lines) when it gets a little warmer so we can actually be outside and enjoy the water and surroundings that way. 

Tonight, after we got back home, we decided to use Mathias movie certificates which he got when he started working at Kentor. The movie we really wanted to see, Australia, wasn't offered at a good time so we saw Bolt instead. We saw trailers for it in the US way before we left but we never managed to see it then so now since it has started here in Sweden we decided to go for it. The offered it in English (with Swedish subtitles) so we went for that show instead of going to the Swedish voice over version. The movie was quite good… actually, it was way better than I thought it would be from seeing the trailers. 

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