Christmas ’08

We had a wonderful holiday time with family this year! It was so nice to celebrate with everyone again which we haven't done since 2000 (last time we was in Sweden during the holiday).

Christmas Eve: First we went to church with my parents, and then back home to their house where my brother met up and we had coffee and typical Christmas cookies (gingerbread, saffron bread etc) while exchanging Christmas gifts. At 2pm we went to Mathias sister's house where his parents and uncle also was. We ate dinner, opened gifts and played a dice game where we "fought" over Christmas gifts. Later in the evening we realized we had forgotten to see the "must-see" Kalle Anka TV show at 3pm something we completely had forgotten about because we just thought we were going to see it as we always do. Both of us felt a little "sad" we had missed it as it was our first Christmas in many years back in Sweden, and we decided that for next year we have to put it back on the "tradition lists" again. 

Christmas Day: My brother's 27th birthday so in the afternoon we went to my parents house and spent the rest of the day.
2nd day after Christmas: (At least that it what it's called in Sweden) As my grandmother wasn't well enough to travel down to Stockholm we–my parents, brother and Mathias and me–went north to Gävle to visit. We had dinner at my aunt's place, exchanged both Christmas gifts and birthday gifts (Mathias got his 40th birthday present which was very nice whiskey glasses). After we got back to Stockholm in the evening we stayed at my parents place for a bit before going home.

3rd and 4th day after Christmas: (Okay, that's not what it's called but I thought it sounded nice…) :) Saturday we spent at Mathias mother, Elisabeth's, place with the rest of the family and had a very yummy sandwich cake. I wish I had remembered my camera so I could take a picture of her creation! We had gone with my parents to Elisabeth so after coming back to their place we stayed with them for some more hours before we drove home.  

Sunday started with Mathias and me going to a store to get paint and some other stuff in order to start working our the living room. Once that was done we went to my parent for coffee and cookies, and then my mother, brother and me went around to some stores (but I couldn't find everything I was looking for) while my father and Mathias started working in the living room. They took down one "glass" wall and started painting the ceiling. We haven't manage to decided exactly what color to have on the walls. We've tried several different color choices and today Mathias got two more small cans so we can test some more. After these two we have to decide! All color choices is some shade of purple/lavender. 


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