“First” Christmas market

Since arriving to Sweden last Thursday morning we've been quite busy.My dad and brother have helped us getting the bathroom ready to be useable. The toilet has been fine all along, but other than that we haven't had any water so we could use the bathroom sink or shower. (Today the plumber is there to hook everything up. No more borrowing shower from family! 🙂 )

Sunday, however, before finishing up some things in the bathroom we had time to go into Gamla Stan (the Old Town) and visit the Christmas market. Fun as always… last time I went there must have been before I moved to Denver in 1999. I was a bit sad that I couldn't find any decorated gingerbread cookies though. 😦 Oh well… I got a slice of a Princesstårta (Princess cake) during a coffee break at one of the cafe's so I was satisfied anyway.

DSCN2712  DSCN2713

We haven't managed to get Internet working in the apartment yet, so I have to go to my parents every day in order to work. I really hope we can get it up working soon as I always feel kinda crippled without a computer with Internet connection. When you once have gotten used to having it it's very hard not to have it. Another bad thing is that we can't unlock our iPhones, so now we have decided to try to sell the ones we have (to someone in US that can use AT&T) and buy completely new ones here which obviously is a pain but not much we can do about that.  

We still haven't been able to get rid of the jet lag which is mostly due to the fact that we have had things to do so we haven't been able to sleep longer. Hopefully it will be gone soon. At least we can sleep the whole night now! The first night we slept fine, but since then we've been awake between 1-4am. :) 

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