Away we go

Today we woke up to winter wonderland outside. It was so beautiful. It started snowing yesterday evening and it was still snowing a bit when we woke up. As “always” in Colorado it started melting throughout the day. There are still lots of snow left though.

Today we have packed the last stuff. First we had to go to the mall and buy more suitcases as everything wouldn’t fit in the 3 we had. We bought a big one, and a small one we can have as carry on. The smaller one will also be great for shorter trips in the future. We’ve always thought about getting a weekend bag we just never got around to do it.

Tomorrow a friend will come and pick us up at 7:15am in order to go to the airport. Our flight is not until 10:36am, but we have to go in the middle of rush hour so we’re going earlier to make sure we’ll arrive in time. Our connecting flight is in Chicago, and we’ll arrive in Sweden Thursday morning shortly before 8am.

It still feels a bit unreal that we are leaving and won’t come back within 2-3 weeks, but I’m sure it hits us tomorrow! 🙂

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