Au revoir

Yesterday was a little sad as we said goodbye to all our friends! Instead of going out to a bar we decided to use the club house here at the apartment complex. It worked out great, and was probably much better than a bar because it was easier to talk and enjoy each other.

Everyone brought a appetizer so we had lots of yummy things on the table. 🙂 We started at 7 pm and the last people left around 1:45 am. In total I think we were around 38 people.
We had a wonderful evening, and I know it’s really not a “goodbye” but rather “see you later”. We’ll be able to see some of them in Sweden and we’ll also be back on vacations.
Now we’re counting down the days until Dec 10th, when it’s time for us to fly over the Atlantic and start a new adventure in Sweden. We’re so looking forward to be close to family again!
We’re doing some final packing today and tomorrow the apartment will be cleaned out and we can return the keys.

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