Thanksgiving weekend

First off, because I haven’t posted for awhile, my parents are here as of a little over a week ago. 🙂 We haven’t been doing too much, some shopping and minor excursions.

We celebrated Thanksgiving by first eating a buffet in downtown Denver before it was time to head for the airport to catch our flight to San Francisco. We arrived in SF around 9pm and took a cab to the hotel. We walked a little bit around the Union Square were the hotel is located and stopped at a bar to get something to eat. Turned out they had stopped serving food for the evening so we bought some crackers with cheese on our way back to the hotel.

Friday we spent all day in downtown SF. First we had breakfast and then we took a cable car to Lombard Street were we looked at the “crookiest street in the world”. Then we walked to Fishermans Wharf to Pier 39 in order to do some shopping. I bought some earrings from my favorite earring designer Harry Mason. Usually I get one pair when going to SF but since we are moving to Sweden shortly I decided to get some more and I found three I really liked! After that we ate lunch, clam chowder in a bread bowl. Very yummy! In the afternoon we took a trolley tour through town so we could see “the most important parts”. 3 hours later we were back at Pier 39 and went in to a bar to drink something warm–hot chocolate for mom and me, and Irish coffee for dad and Mathias–because we were very cold after sitting outside on the trolley for quite some time. For dinner we went to our favorite restaurant in SF called Scomas. We met my dad’s cousin Lena and her husband and daughter there–she lives in a SF suburb since some years ago.

Saturday we spent almost 10 hours in the car driving to/from the Redwood trees in northern California. Although it was a long drive it was definitly worth it because those trees are a sight to see! Mathias and I were there 6 years ago and we always talked about coming back. It’s so amazing to walk in those woods with the tall trees. You can barely see the sky and it’s darker in the wood so you would think the sun us setting until you get out of the woods and realize it’s mid afternoon. Unfortunately my iPhone camera can’t take any pictures because of the darkness in the wood, so I don’t have anything to post of this days adventure.

Once back in SF we went to the same bar we went to Thursday after we had arrived. This time they served dinner still. We went to bed around 10pm as we had a early flight to Denver. At 3:30am we were in the cab heading to the airport. Now, back in Denver everyone is tired so we’ll have a early night today!

Thanksgiving weekend

Thanksgiving weekend

Thanksgiving weekend

Thanksgiving weekend

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