Big Announcement

For over 6 months we’ve been thinking and thinking and finally we decided it’s time to move back to Sweden. Yes, you read it right, we’re moving back home! It took us quite a while to get to that decision but after 9 years (10 for Mathias) in Denver, CO we’ve decided it’s time to be closer to family and Swedish culture. Colorado has been a wonderful place to be at for this long, but as we’ve gotten older I think our own adventure feels less and less important, and family, culture and nature of Sweden has grown stronger and stronger. We’re quite prepared for a culture shock moving back though, both we and Sweden has changed and what we once left is not the same anymore. Still, we can’t wait until the day when we’re sitting on the plane heading back home!

Mathias has found a job already, and is starting in January. I will continue to work for the company here in Denver for around 1.5 months remotely and then it’s time for me to get a local job in Stockholm. One of the hardest parts of leaving Denver is probably that I have to leave my job. I truly enjoy what I’m doing, but at the same time I’m looking forward to a great new chapter in my career. What exactly that career will be I have no clue about… 🙂
Right now we’re preparing everything in the apartment in order to 1) get it shipped to Sweden, 2) sold off and 3) thrown away. It’s quite an undertaking as moving across the globe isn’t an easy process. We’re also trying to finalize a loan in order to buy an apartment just outside of Stockholm. It’s my maternal grandparents old apartment. See map here
Our plan right now is to fly home on December 10th. We’ll try to switch our previous booking of December 19th–yes, we had planned to come home for Christmas even though we haven’t told more than our dad’s about it. So we got tickets already we just need to switch the date!
We’re also looking forward to a 2 week visit from my parents. They arrive next Thursday and will be here until Dec 5th. While they are here we’ll be going to San Francisco over Thanksgiving one last time. Can’t wait to see SF again and taste all great seafood! Although, pretty soon I’ll be in Sweden and can eat yummy seafood every day! 🙂

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