Happy Halloween

I celebrated halloween today at Rosana and Maciej. I went there in the afternoon already and Rosana and I spent some hours together before Maciej got home from work. First we prepared little "spooky" candy bags, then the chicken for dinner, and then as the weather were so fabulous today we went for a walk with Bono (their dog). On our way back from the park Maciej suddenly appeared and he took Bono for another walk around the park while Rosana and I went back to the house to prepare the last part of the dinner. 

During dinner time we got "disturbed" every other minute with kids trick or treating. Our spooky candy bags was very popular! 🙂 For dessert we had cup cakes and chocolate dipped strawberries. 

After dinner Rosana and I watched the movie "What happens in Vegas" while Maciej worked on the computer. We saw the movie at the movie theatre some months ago but it was fun to see it again. Some parts of it are extremely funny and both Cameron Diaz and Aston Kutcher plays quite good. 

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween

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