India House

Last night we went with our friends Rosana and Maciej to India House in Denver. They took us out for dinner in order to celebrate my birthday. We’ve been to India House before and as always the dinner is sooo yummy! When we arrived at 7:30pm the restaurant was basically empty, but when we left some hours later it was the opposite!

Today we’ve been mostly at home. Our original plan was to go to Roxborough Park this morning for a little hike, but I woke up with a little cold so I felt to lazy to drive there and walk for 3 miles. We did walk this evening instead… but I took it a little slower than usual. Earlier in the day I downloaded a little application for my iPhone, called Distance, which measures the distance, minutes, pace or speed, as well as calories while you’re walking. It was quite a handy little program! Turns out that my “short” walking round was 2.35 miles (~3.8km). I’m looking forward to take my longer walking round tomorrow (or as soon as I’m rid of my cold) so I can measure that one as well!

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