Birthday time

Today we’ve celebrated my 33rd birthday. We left work a little earlier and headed to the jewelry store where I got a new necklace to match my earrings (which I bought earlier this year). The collection is made of gold and Venetian glas. Each piece is hand made and no two pieces are alike which is pretty cool. I’ve posted a close up of the necklace, and the earrings (which I’m wearing on the first picture although it’s hard to see them) have the same coloring.

After our birhday shopping we went home and Mathias started preparing dinner while I took a 40 minute walk. I took a new and longer route than I’ve done before and I noticed that I walked much faster by myself than when we walk together. Might be because I didn’t need to talk to anyone at the same time, as well as that I listened to some upbeat music which made me walk faster. I enjoy having company while I walk but I’ve decided to walk alone some times during the week as it’s quite nice to just listen to music and have “my thoughts to myself”.

One thought on “Birthday time

  1. Elisabeth October 15, 2008 / 11:27

    Jättefint halsband!
    Vad duktig du är att promenera, jag blir riktigt motiverad för jag har varit lite slö ett tag!

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