Yesterday (Saturday) we decided to make a sandwich cake. Ann-Marie prepared one of the ingredients for the layers and Celina and I took care off the rest. I’ve posted a picture of when we decorated the top (I let Celina be in charge of the actual design) and a picture of the finished product. We had a wonderful time preparing the dinner together!

During our days in Dallas we also had time to visit IKEA, lots of playing with Celina–we mostly painted but also some “baking” of cakes with the pool water as the main ingredient–and just hanging out together. Saturday evening we went over to some friends of Ola and Ann-Marie where we ate a second dinner, talked and played a game. We came home shortly before midnight.

Today after breakfast Ola and Mathias figured out why the printer didn’t want to print our boarding pass, and when that was done we ate lunch at a Vietnamese place and then headed for the airport.

Our flight home was 25 minutes late but otherwise everything went well. As we have plenty of miles with United we need to use we had upgraded both of our flights to first class. It’s quite comfortable and nice to sit in those seats, as well as get your luggage faster, but I would definitely not pay for it!

Denver greeted us with rain and 38F/3C degrees. I don’t mind that if I’m prepared for it and have a jacket etc, but as Denver was quite warm before we left and Dallas still having nice summer/fall weather we were not prepared at all! At least we had jeans and not shorts! 🙂 Apparently we might get light snow over the night…

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