I can’t even describe how annoyed I (we) am! Some weeks ago we turned in our car to the car shop in order for regular “go through” as the car had reached 120000 miles it was much more work to be done than just changing oil. In fact, they had to remove the whole engine in order to change some things, for example the timing belt. After 4 days we got it back, but we hadn’t driven more than 10 miles when we noticed it started “jumping” when being idle and one time the “check engine light came on, so we took the car back and they were going to take a look. Another 2 days passed and we could pick it up again. After a little while we noticed the car was still jumping (although not as severe as the first time) plus we started having issues with starting the car and a couple of times it wouldn’t even start. Last week we turned it back in for the third time. And now the noticed something new the had to change–don’t ask me what it was I just know it had something to do with the car! :)–and yesterday evening we picked it up again. Today on our way to work we noticed it was still jumping a little bit, and this evening after dinner when we had to go to the Apple store the car wouldn’t even start AGAIN! Good thing we have a second car!

Now we don’t know what to do. Obviously we need to contact them tomorrow morning to question what the heck the are doing! Mathias is considering buying a new battery and switch on his own as this car shop don’t seem to be competent doing anything. And we will for sure request our 350 dollars back for the last part the needed to order as that didn’t solve anything.

On a happier note… tomorrow morning we’re flying to Dallas to see my brother-in-law and his family. We’ll be there until Sunday evening.

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