We started driving from Carbondale shortly before 8am with destination Marble. I think it took us around 45 minutes to get there. We followed the signs to the quarry which took us on a dirt road higher and higher in the Marble valley. Along the road we saw lots of colorful aspens.

Once we reached the entrance for the quarry land area it turned out private people weren’t allowed to go in there (the quarry is still in use) but we found a little hiking trail which would take us a little closer. After walking a little bit it was a sign stating it cost $5 per adult in order to continue plus that if you took any marble you had to pay $1 per pound. It was a small box were you could leave the money. We payed the fee and started walking higher up. Eventually we arrived at the dumping site where we took lots of pictures. It was very cool to see all the huge marble blocks just laying on the hillside. I walked around a bit trying to find a nice formation and finally I found one which looked good. I’ll try to use it as a candle holder for a tealight. After a while we started our downward hike back to the car, but before we left the hiking trail we paid for the marble we took.

After we were finished in Marble we decided it was time to head to Telluride which we anticipated would take us at least 5 hours, mostly dependent on how many times we stopped for taking pictures. Unfortunatly the weather got worse and worse so just a little south of Montrose we decided to turn back and start driving towards Denver. Our plan was to go east at Montrose following the highway over Gunnison and Canon City before reaching the interstate in Pueblo. That plan didn’t go so well either because the closer we got to Montrose the weather got even worse than before. It was raining like crazy and we couldn’t see the mountains around the area any more. We quickly decided to just keep driving north which would take us to Grand Junction and then drive to Denver today already instead of getting back tomorrow Sunday.

We arrived home at 9pm, after spending 13 hours in the car minus the time we ate lunch and dinner as well as some short stops and our little hike of course. Now I just can’t wait to go to sleep!

Even though our trip got cut short one day we had a wonderful time, and finally seeing Marble was fantastic! It’s definitly worth all the hours driving!

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