I’ve started to walk during the evenings in order to get a more regular exercise and to help the loosing weight process. Last Sunday we took a walk around the neighborhood for around 40 minutes (my plan is to walk longer and faster in the coming weeks), at which time I took a picture of our leasing office/ club house as well as of our apartment building (our balcony is the right one on the second level).

When we walked on Monday evening I took a picture of the gorgeous sunset. The last two days we haven’t walked as I’ve had a cold, but today on my way home from work I decided I would take a walk this evening. Didn’t go as I planned though as a collegue called me after I had been home for 5 minutes and told me we had an important issue so I had to log on to work. I spent the whole evening in front of the computer, I even ate my dinner there, so no walking today either! 😦 we’re going up to the mountains tomorrow morning though so we’ll be doing plenty if walking this weekend.

Now I really need to sleep as I’m going up at 1:15am to work tonight! Mathias needs to start driving tomorrow when we leave around 9am as I need to sleep some more so I can enjoy our weekend up in the mountains. Hopefully it’s easy work tonight so I’m in bed by 4-4:30am. Maybe I shouldn’t say that as I might jinx it but I’ll take my chances! 🙂

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