Fall colors in Blue River

We didn’t go up to Steamboat Springs for the whole weekend which was our original plan instead we decided to “just” go on a day trip. Our main reason for that is that I’m starting to get a cold and have had ear pain for the past days. On our way over “Eisenhower tunnel pass” I realized that being on higher elevations wasn’t particularly good for my ears and sinuses so instead of driving over the Minturn/Red Cliff pass (I’ve forgotten the name of that pass) which was our original plan, we decided to drive by our friends in Blue River which is right outside of Breckenridge. On our way to their house we passed by a “lake” (it’s a dam really) and stopped to take some pictures. We spent almost the whole day with them, first at the house and then into Breckenridge for dinner. After our dinner we went our separate ways. I was so tired that I feel asleep almost instantly in the car.

If my ears are feeling better tomorrow we might go for a small hike at Roxborough state park.

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