Guanella Pass

Yesterday we drove up to the mountains. We didn’t really know we’re we wanted to go we just thought it was time to see how far the fall had gotten up there. When we got to Georgetown I just felt like going of the highway and then we just happened to start driving on Guanella Pass. It was a gorgous day, the weather was perfect for a little excursion. To bad we didn’t think about having a picnic with us!

Up at the summit the mountain tops looked like they we’re sparkling because it was a tiny layer if snow. We also saw some yellow aspens, but I think the perfect time for viewing trees will be next weekend and the weekend after that. We have decided to try to take longer excursions both times and most likely even sleep over one or two nights. On our way back we stopped for lunch at the famous Coney Island. It was the first time we’ve stopped therevto eat. The hot dogs was very good!

In the evening I went to a girl dinner with four if my friends in downtown. We had reserved a table at Rialto Cafe, and the food was great! I ate salmon with mashed potato, cucumber relish and avocado sauce. Yummy! After dinner we went to a cafe and the it was time to head home. I had picked up Sofia so I drove her home first. I think I was home around 10:30pm.

During my evening out Mathias was working. He decided to try to solve a problem which they hadn’t been able to do at work.

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