Fall colors

I love when the trees start changing color! It is so beautiful! So far it’s just a few of the trees turning yellow, but within weeks nature will be full of red/orange/yellow color. I hope we’ll manage to get up to the mountains this weekend so we can see how much the trees have changed there. If it’s beautiful down here in Denver it’s nothing compared to the mountains! All of the aspens in full color is so beautiful I can’t even tell you. If you ever plan on visiting Colorado ones in your life I believe fall is the best time! (Okay… if you love skiing maybe the winter is the best time.) 🙂

Fall is also so great because of the weather. The too hot summer days are at an end, and it’s actually nice and wonderful to be outside all day long. Around 70F/21C daily. Can’t beat that! Only bad this is that it’s to short and can be hard to pinpoint when deciding to come here. Within weeks (more here in Denver, but in 3 weeks the leaves can be gone up in the mountains) the fall has ended, at least the colorful part of the fall. Weather wise it’s still gorgeous all the way into November.

In the honor of the fall I thought I would change my design of my blog! I couldn’t find one more fall like then this one… but at least it’s more suitable then what I had before!

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