Down, down we go

So I’ve started my very long process of loosing weight. I started last Monday and I’m hoping to loose 14kg/30lbs in 6 months. Wish me luck! I decided to loose weight after my doctor told me it was a good idea in order to not have any bigger health issues when I get older and because of the disease they’ve found out I have. No worries, nothing life threatening! I haven’t posted anything about it before because I didn’t feel comfortable doing so–it’s just been the closest family who known about it until now–but the doctors have been trying to figure out what is wrong since May/June and until they had a good answer I didn’t want to say anything worrying people. But back to the weight thing… so I got a year membership to “Viktklubben”–Swedish website helping you to loose weight by controlling how much calories you eat of regular food rather than eliminating certain food–as a early birthday present from my parents. I’m very excited to report I’ve lost 1.1kg/2.5lbs in a week! 🙂 I can’t wait to see it go even lower!

Over the past week we’ve tried some very yummy food! It’s a bit hard sometimes as I get recipes in Swedish and I need to translate, and sometimes I can’t find the ingredients here so it takes longer time shopping nowadays as I need to look for substitute ingredients. It takes us around 2 hours grocery shopping and then our refrigerator is full. It’s nice though as we buy food for the whole week so compared to what we did before when we bought grocieries several times a week this is so much better.

I’ll try to report more on my weight progress during the coming months!

About our vacation in October… we’ve decided to go to Dallas, TX and visit Mathias brother and family instead of going to Seattle.

Lastly, I can report that IKEA have finally decided to open a store in Denver! I’m so happy! 🙂 They haven’t said when they will open though, just that they are going to open a store. I can’t wait until they publish the actual date!

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