Boyd Ponds

Today Boyd Ponds had it’s grand opening and we decided to go there even though we haven’t decided if we’re still interested in that area. As always when we go to look at model homes I took pictures of nice design ideas. The two pictures of the bedrooms I took because I liked the wall design. The kitchen pictures mostly because I love kitchens! That is probably one of my favorite rooms in a house, and it’s definitly the room I take most care of deciding if I like a certain model/house.

These four pictures are from 3 different models and we liked all of them for different reasons. I think it would be easier to decide if we really knew we’re going to move there.

The rest of the day we’ve tried to organize all of our boxes which we won’t unpack. It’s very hard to decide how to store everything considering we don’t have much storage space. I thought that maybe we should rent a small storage space but Mathias have decided that everything will fit! As long as he don’t mind switching around boxes when I need to get something I don’t really care. I just want it stored without having to jump over boxes when getting clothes and other stuff. Knowing how to store stuff is probably the hardest when you downsize especially if you don’t downsize permanently but rather temporarly. The good thing though is that we now really have to decide where to move next summer.

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