Labor Day Weekend

During our extended–due to our two days of vacation except the extra day we’re off anyway–Labor Day weekend we have been occupied with moving and watching some tennis. We got the cable TV and Internet hooked up Saturday afternoon.

We are almost completely unpacked at the new place. Only room left to organize is the office which we’ll tackle during the coming days. I need to work Thursday night, so hopefully we have everything up and working by then. Otherwise I’ll just have the MacBook in bed and I don’t even need to go up at 1:15am! Just kidding… I will bother Mathias too much then if I do that so I’ll use the living room as working place if needed too! 🙂

The move went well with all heavy stuff being moved by the moving crew and us taking the more fragile stuff. Only issue we had was that the car decided to stop working Thursday evening in the middle of moving the last things. After basically 2 hours delay–we had to wait for two different AAA maintenance guys to come and help out with the car–our car started working again. Turned out it was only the battery which was “dead”. After the second AAA guy was there and checked the battery with a diagnostic equipment it turned out that it wasn’t any real problem with the battery, it just had gotten exhausted from the heat and having all doors opened for so long while we packed/unpacked. We stopped working at midnight Thursday, and then had some small stuff on the balcony left as well as screws/nails in the walls. Friday evening we went there to fix all that. Didn’t want to go there earlier in the day as our cleaning lady was there doing the move out cleaning.

We had thought we would be able to go up to the mountains one of the days to enjoy but we decided we wanted to have everything unpacked before it was time to get back to work. We’ll try to do some excursions during the coming weekend instead.

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