I think one of the worst parts of moving is that it’s so unorganized with boxes and stuff just everywhere. I don’t like when it’s mezzy and I need to “jump” over things in order to get to something else. It’s just annoying. I can’t wait until we get settled in the new place and everything will have it’s own place again and I’ll just know where to find whatever item I’m looking for. I’m also looking forward to the decorating the new place! Mathias doesn’t enjoy that as I do (yeah I know he’s a guy! :)) but unlucky for him I need his help for certain things. Next weekend is a holiday weekend (Monday is labor day) so with our two days of vacation we’ll have a total of five days off from work. Most of those days we’ll be unpacking but we’re also planning to do an excursion up in the mountains one of the days.

Today we finally got rid of the washer and dryer! Our friends Jenny and Shad picked it up. It worked out very well as their dryer just broke down.

Tomorrow we’re picking up the keys to the new place. I’ll try to remember to take some pictures and post tomorrow evening.

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